Monday, March 29, 2010

Make Marathi first language till SSC in Maharashtra

I learned the first lesson in Marathi from my mother, who was a great fan of Na Si Phadke and Vi Sa Khandekar. 

In school, Marathi was my first language till HSC and I still remember the enthusiasm with which our teachers taught us Tutari (ek tutari dya maj anuni .. .. remember Harishchandrachi F ?) and  Zapurza (Keshavsut), the parts of Yayati (Khandekar). The introduction to Marathi classics in the school created interest and later grew unabated. Any one who wants to truly learn and appreciate the language should begin with Dnyaneshawar, Tukaram, Ramadas; not to forget Moropant, Vaman and Raghunath Pandit. 

Some of the contributors to modern Marathi are Ha Na  Apte, Pra Ke Atre, Na Si Phadke, Vi Sa Khandekar, Pu La, Sane Guruji, Kri Pra Khadilkar, Gadkari, Kirloskar, Deval, Ga Di Ma, Kusumagraj, Keshavsuta, Balkavi, Mardhekar, Bha Ra Tambe, Shanta Shelke, Vinda Karandikar and so on; the list is endless. 

In fact, I am fortunate to get at least basic introduction to the majority of the work of these personalities, through text books, even before HSC and so did the other students in our times. The condition of Marathi in Maharashtra today is not good. There are various reasons for the sorry state of affairs; less importance given to Marathi in school teaching is one of the major. The Marathi Sahitya Sammelan is expected to deliberate upon these issues and give recommendations to the Government. 

I suggest a simple legislative measure: make Marathi first language till SSC in Maharashtra, irrespective of the Board. Over a period of time, this single measure shall bring a sea of change. 


Sunday, March 14, 2010


The importance of communication must be understood by everyone, irrespective of the age. We need to communicate effectively at work place, at home, to our distant friends or relatives. Internet has made the world smaller and opened new channels of communication. Some people believe that internet friendship or relationship is meaningless, as it can be ‘deleted’ just by pressing a ‘button’. I don’t believe. Cheaters don’t require internet to cheat on the relationship. Remember the story of Raja Harishchandra? He kept the promise made in the dream. So it all depends on how much we remain ‘committed’ to our relationship, whether internet or otherwise. I find commitment is a personality trait.

I am not an expert but experience tells me that for any meaningful communication or dialogue between two individuals, two essential conditions must be fulfilled.

Firstly, a good healthy relationship based on understanding and mutual trust. That will create a climate and desire to communicate with each other.

Secondly, once the communication begins, for its sustenance, a minimum level of response must be maintained by both sides.

If any one of these conditions is not met, the communication is likely to diminish, vitiate or terminate.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

These ‘Days’

The celebration of ‘Days’ appears to be western style, but Indian tradition is not far behind. The mechanical way in which we celebrate our festivals like ‘Padva’ and ‘Bhaubij’, they could be as well called as Husband’s Day of Brother’s Day, respectively. Barring the commercials like ‘Chocolate Day’ etc., the Days generally symbolize different relationships that all of us cherish. In my opinion, celebrating a Day offers us an opportunity to take a stock of the relationship it symbolizes.

Take the example of ‘Women’s Day’! On this day, all of us must ponder over our relationships with women playing different roles in our life: mother, sister, daughter, wife, colleague or boss. Are we thankful and gratuitous to all these individuals for their services or guidance? We Indians are hypocritic on this score.

Whilst we never get tired singing songs praising these relationships, but in practice our record is very poor. The rising graph of crime against women illustrates that aspect. Today’s news tells me that on average three women are molested in the National Capital, every day. Disgusting, sub-animal behavior !!

The fact remains that the status of women in India, where we are taught to worship Goddess, has not changed from the ancient times of Sita Mai, Draupadi, till date.


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