Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Common entrance test: welcome move by MHRD

Kapil Sibal, after taking charge as a HRD Minister, revealed his big plans in a short time period and confused the common man. He appeared to be a minister in a hurry and even PMO got scared. As a clever supreme court lawyer, he seems to have pursued over all those who matter and now the policy looks to be taking a shape. The announcement of uniform plus-2 science and math curriculum and a common entrance test for engineering and commerce shows we are moving in the right direction. The common entrance tests for engineering are currently conducted by the respective States, following the Supreme Court ruling on the issue. The standard is not uniform and the applicability is restricted to the State only. Although all the details are not known as yet, the new system will have many advantages.

(a) The results will be acceptable to all the engineering colleges in India

(b) It will give a level playing field to all the aspirants, irrespective of the State Board through which they pass out.

(c) The deemed varsities currently conduct their own admission tests. They should also be asked to conduct admissions as per the common entrance test.

I think uniformity in biology curriculum will also be introduced, leading to common test for medical students as well.


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