Monday, March 29, 2010

Make Marathi first language till SSC in Maharashtra

I learned the first lesson in Marathi from my mother, who was a great fan of Na Si Phadke and Vi Sa Khandekar. 

In school, Marathi was my first language till HSC and I still remember the enthusiasm with which our teachers taught us Tutari (ek tutari dya maj anuni .. .. remember Harishchandrachi F ?) and  Zapurza (Keshavsut), the parts of Yayati (Khandekar). The introduction to Marathi classics in the school created interest and later grew unabated. Any one who wants to truly learn and appreciate the language should begin with Dnyaneshawar, Tukaram, Ramadas; not to forget Moropant, Vaman and Raghunath Pandit. 

Some of the contributors to modern Marathi are Ha Na  Apte, Pra Ke Atre, Na Si Phadke, Vi Sa Khandekar, Pu La, Sane Guruji, Kri Pra Khadilkar, Gadkari, Kirloskar, Deval, Ga Di Ma, Kusumagraj, Keshavsuta, Balkavi, Mardhekar, Bha Ra Tambe, Shanta Shelke, Vinda Karandikar and so on; the list is endless. 

In fact, I am fortunate to get at least basic introduction to the majority of the work of these personalities, through text books, even before HSC and so did the other students in our times. The condition of Marathi in Maharashtra today is not good. There are various reasons for the sorry state of affairs; less importance given to Marathi in school teaching is one of the major. The Marathi Sahitya Sammelan is expected to deliberate upon these issues and give recommendations to the Government. 

I suggest a simple legislative measure: make Marathi first language till SSC in Maharashtra, irrespective of the Board. Over a period of time, this single measure shall bring a sea of change. 


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