Monday, July 19, 2010

Tips for good resume and interview

Resume Myth: Your resume should emphasize your past accomplishments.

The resume that gets the job or interview is targeted with the specific opening in mind. if your past experience does not match up with the job you're applying for, your resume is doomed for the trash bin. Recruiters won't take a 2nd look.

Resume Tip: A long resume doesn't ooze with accomplishment.

Lengthy and verbose resumes aren't eye catching and don't impress recruiters. Remove any unnecessary words and bullets so you, at most, have 2 pages. Editing and revising your resume to show you qualify for the position is the key and involves going through your past line-by-line and deciding what to emphasize and what to leave out. 

The mistake that job applicants make frequently:

The most common mistake made by job applicants is not knowing the true purpose of a job interview. If you miss the one, your entire interview will be off the bull's eye and your chances of getting hired will be slim to none.

Most people think an interview is answering a bunch of questions. The job applicants practice their answers over and over to prepare for their interview and during the interview they just spit out their rehearsed answers. There could not be any worse approach to an interview!

Five things to do when you get  job offer:

1. Ask for the offer in writing

2. Ask any outstanding questions you have in your head and get the offer modified, if required

3. Negotiate

4. Ask for time to think it over if you are not sure about something

5. Listen to your inner voice



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