Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Idols

My attitude towards the professional and technical work is greatly inspired by the Head of the Research Institute, where I began my career. I emulate his style even today. The three basic aspects that I learned from him are: (a) an organisation should work by the system and not by the individuals (b) systems approach to management brings transparency and (c) at the work place there are only two categories of people: those who work and the remaining who don't. The real test of management is to inspire maximum number of people to do useful work. My research work is inspired by three great personalities. Out of them, two are eminent professors who inspired and guided me to work in the area of utilising industrial and agricultural wastes in cement and concrete. The third is also an eminent professor who guided and inspired me to work in the area of fuel cell technology. I owe much of professional achievements to these four great personalities.


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Independent Professional: Experienced educator and management consultant for engineering educational institutions, researcher, trainer, technical consultant on sustainable technologies, related to cement manufacturing and characterisation, using industrial and agricultural wastes in cement and concrete, durability of concrete and fuel cell power.