Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let us join Anna in his struggle for strong Lokpal

While going through some newspaper headlines today, it appeared to me that there is an attempt to belittle Anna. Look at the following:

उपोषण गुंडाळले , 'जेल भरो' ही रद्द : सकाळ २९ डिसेंबर
असा घसरला अण्णांचा टी आर पी: सकाळ २९ डिसेंबर
मोक्याच्या क्षणी अण्णा हटले: म. टा. २९ डिसेंबर

Our press  friends should not forget that fighting for corruption is not only Anna's responsibility. The rampant corruption in every walk of life affects common man today. It is the responsibility of all of us to fight it.

No political party is genuinely interested in bringing strong Lokpal. Can anyone deny the fact that whatever is being discussed today in Parliament is only due to the agitation spearheaded by Anna.  

Let us join Anna in his struggle for strong Lokpal


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