Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On relationships

Spirituality is not a search for the God. It begins when you get connected with HIM from within.

That connecting interaction with the surrounding, that relationship, is a spiritual experience.

We are in relationship with our parents, brothers, sisters, offspring, spouse, friends. Our commitment towards relationships initiates, develops and sustains on mutual love and trust and ceases when these values are lost. Healthy relationships enrich our life.

Relationship becomes fragile when .. ..

it is based on falsehood

intentions are doubted,

mutual respect is lost,

suspicion replaces trust,

a promise is not kept, repeatedly,

partners do not care for each other.

Never you do it to your partner !

But if someone does it on you ?

Well, use your wisdom ! Refresh !!

Try your best to get reconnected !!!

Snapping ties is the last recourse, when every attempt fails.

So, make a beginning .. ..


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