Monday, July 12, 2010

Kashmir: Peace stone’s throw away ?

I heard someone say, “The reason so many protestors are throwing stones in Kashmir is because they truly believe PEACE is only a stone's throw away
And then I also read a twit from H. H. Dalai Lama, “If we continue to approach problems from the perspective of temporary expediency, future generations will face tremendous difficulties”, which I quickly re-twitted

Every time there is unrest in the Valley, conventional measures, like curfew, calling army, are immediately initiated. Nearly two decades have now passed. Number of positive steps, such as declaring a massive financial package, have been taken by the Government in this period. However nothing works. Reason ?

I think people do not appreciate the intentions behind these positive measures and substantial section of population continues to support the militants. May not be for their cause but probably out of frustration. That calls for totally different approach to peace

I think any measure that goes to win the hearts of Kashmirees should work and bring tangible benefits. The Government should be seen doing that.

Give a chance to peace, it is just a stone’s throw away !! 


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