Thursday, October 21, 2010

Helmet for an Oath

                 The traffic in Pune is unmanageable. The roads and their maintenance is poor. The traffic monitoring and control is also bad. The number of accidents on the road is on the rise. The majority of the deaths due to accidents are due to serious head injuries. Keeping that in mind, few months back, the traffic police made it compulsory for all two-wheeler riders to wear helmet. Surprisingly the common citizen opposed it. Yeh Punekar hain bhaiya ! The local politicians were not far behind. They supported the opposition looking at the general public opinion. So, the rule remains only in the book and followed only in breach.

                 Sharad Bapat,  an innovative techie from Pune has started a website and there is an offer. He wants citizens to come forward and take an oath to wear helmet and the techie rewards them with Rs 500/-. It pays partially towards the cost of the headgear. What an idea !

                 We see ministers, judges taking oath while taking the charge of new office. The witness in the court of law is also required to take an oath. Why oath ?

                  I think an oath puts a moral binding on the individual. It is a verbal commitment. In fact, following a commitment depends on one’s value system, verbal or written notwithstanding.

                  Initially though  some citizens, especially youngsters, will be attracted by the money offer but later the oath shall put a moral binding on them. Even if 50% follow the oath, it will be good.

                  Thus from every angle, this is a welcome initiative and Sh Sharad Bapat deserves both cheers and congratulations. 

This is what Sh Sharad Bapat has to say:

“It will be a win-win situation. Interested parties will get their advertisements, our stickers will bear their name, they will be on our website and most importantly, people will wear helmets”


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