Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh Ba Obama

The commercial capital of India, was converted into a fortress. Huge police force and every inch of the city was sniffed. The head of the most powerful state on the earth visited the city

The Obamamania is unique, quite unseen during the visit of President Bush and Clinton. The threat perceptions then were quite different.

The relations between the two large democracies were never so good.The beginning has been made by Republicans (Bush) and carried forward now by the Democrats (Obama). Although traditionally Democrats have never been in India's favor. Obama's visit has heightened our expectations. There are many things at stake. The political and media hype is due to these expectations.

We want US to appreciate threats to India's security, both internally and externally. Our recent experience  in Hedley's case has not been good. We require free flow of intelligence information, especially on the terrorists.

Sino-Pakistan nuclear deal is worrying India. India wants US to explicitly state its opposition to the deal.

China poses a bigger external threat to India, in comparison to Pakistan. We wanted Obama to visit Tawang. That would have automatically confirmed US support to India's sovereignty over  Arunachal Pradesh.

India also wants firm US support for India's permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

We know, finally, Obama would do what is in the interest of USA. Indian leaders should understand. Do not expect others to fight our battle.


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