Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reflections: Biological revitalizing process - Autophagy

Autophagy: Greek word  for self-eating—is an efficient self-cleaning, biological revitalizing process used in our bodies. When cells face adverse conditions such as nutrient depletion, the autophagy process commences to enclose a portion of its own cellular constituents and delivers it to the lytic compartment (named lysosome in animals, vacuole in yeast and plants) for reuse. Oh! What a system!!

Kursi aur Corruption:  Embattled Suresh Kalmadi has been sacked as the Chairman of the CWG Organising Committee to enable an "unhindered" probe into alleged corruption, bringing an unceremonious end to his tenure which was plagued by scandals and controversies.Kalmadi''s close aide Lalit Bhanot was also removed as the Secretary General of the OC with immediate effect, almost three months after the sporting extravaganza was held here amid a spate of unsavory controversies. A step in the right direction. As a member of Parliament Kalmadi should have resigned long back. His image has taken an immense beating.

Indian Companies, Foreign Managers:  Indian corporate houses hiring foreign managers -Career news- Mumbai: Call it reverse outsourcing or local talent hunting, but high-tech Indian firms have been hiring foreigners as part of their long-term growth. This is a welcome development. It will help improving corporate culture in India.


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