Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reflections: Food Food

Food Food: The celebrity Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor has  launched India's first Hindi 24x7 Food Lifestyle Channel 'FOODFOOD'. It will feature, for the very first time, Hinglish content that will be produced and packaged in India, making the shows relevant to the Indian audience. In order to connect to their audience in India, FOODFOOD will feature shows about food and food lifestyle like 'Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen', ' Firangi Tadka ', ' Sirf 30 Minute ' and Ready Steady Cook. Prominent personalities form the entertainment and food industry such as Chef Chinu, Chef Harpal, Chef Rakesh Sethi, and more will feature as part of the varied offerings on the channel. FoodFood is also the first Indian channel that's entirely shot in high definition.

It is indeed fun watching this channel. All those who love food must watch FoodFood.

Governance by Mafia: There are three tapping points in a state's distribution chain from where cheap kerosene meant for sale through ration shops is diverted, more often than not, in collusion with civil supplies officials and police.
Although quite disturbing but not surprising. All public dealings appear to be full of rackets. Why not legalize rackets and mafia dealings. That will save trouble of investigations.


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