Friday, March 4, 2011

Test that will put all engineers at par

The thought came in my mind after reading a news report. It is reported that the Medical Council of India (MCI) has proposed common test that could be taken by any medical graduate (MBBS) in the country as an additional qualification. The test aims at putting all doctors at par, whether from AIIMS or otherwise.

An excellent idea indeed!! With plethora of medical colleges offering degree  on the one hand and large number of cases of wrong diagnosis and bad treatment at the hand of doctors, on the other, make common man sceptic about the competence of medical practitioners. Such a common test conducted at All India level shall, to some extent, put such doubts at rest. 

It may be mentioned that an almost parallel situation exists in the engineering profession. The graduates from IITs and other reputed institutions think they are better engineers than the ones coming from relatively less known colleges. The serious aspect is that affects the job prospects of engineers. An additional qualification, on the lines similar to what has been advocated by the MCI, shall help bring all the engineers at at par. That will end discrimination on the basis of the institution.


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